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this individual highly effective Honda Rebel 250 seemed to be one major struck that was supplied by Honda way back in 85. Generally, the actual Honda Rebel 250 is a cruiser motor cycle that was launched at the same time if there was no market for these styles. Actually , the Honda Rebel 250 built a niche regarding itself on the market and compelled other manufacturers to grab a new share with this market place. So that you can have a look at the particular Honda Rebel 250, you will must check the the latest models of which have come close to. It truly is true that Honda manufactured typically the Honda Rebel 250 don / doff, commencing 1985. But it really is good for without doubt often the honda rebel 250 must have been a rebel inside the motorcycle universe then. honda rebel specs Features So that you can have a look at typically the Honda Rebel 250 features, you would probably need to study the actual model 1st. The 1985 Honda Rebel is the first model that was presented in this variety. It was marketed for a cruiser motorcycle that was a lot distinctive from other motorcycles during those times. Featuring its 234cc serp at that time, it had been becoming a quite regular bike that youngsters will certainly make utilization of easily. The damp weight on the motorcycle ended up being another advantage the Honda Rebel 250 acquired over other bikes in this selection. Weighing in in relation to 150kgs, often the 2012 honda rebel ended up being the best motorcycle a beginner are able to use for understanding bike ride. Some other features included a new fuel utilization of about fifty to 58 mpg, a reasonably nice amount. With solitary disc brake inside the front as well as a drum braking mechanism at the back of it, the actual Honda Rebel 250 is the best street motorcycle that beginners could possibly practice with. It turned out becoming a large success, having 1986 Honda Rebel 250 adhering to in suit.