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Last Updated 04-May-2016

Build types

Planned builds

Do not expect these to come out in this order. The order is subject to change for many reasons, including priority, ease, available tools, recensy of previous similar build, and also such things as one build being possible with subset of freeciv changes required for another build.

2S2_6msys2/win32gtk3-client only, after patch #7026 gone inFor testing msys2 based solution when previous problem fixed with patch #7026More msys2 support fixes needed
3TRUNK/S3_0msys2/win32gtk3-client onlyFor testing TRUNK where msys1 is not available at all.More msys2 support fixes needed
8TRUNK/S3_0crosser-1.0-Regular crosser build from TRUNK (previous from r32305)None known
10Undecidedmsys2/win64With new msys2 setup targeted for win64 hostFor testing win64 builds and win64 msys2 setupSuitable msys2 setup not yet made
11TRUNK/S3_0msys2/win32gtk3x-clientFor testing gtk3x-client buildMore msys2 support fixes needed
16S2_6msys1From same revision as build 2For comparing msys1 and msys2 buildsEverything that holds build 2
17S2_6crosser-1.0From same revision as builds 2 & 16To have all kinds of builds to compareEverything that holds build 2

Recent builds

1S2_632366msys1Before patch #7026Build for modpack developers, now that S2_6 formats have been frozen, without breakage risk from patch #7026Link
12S2_632373crosser-0.15crosser-0.15Attempt for XP-compatible buildLink
13TRUNK/S3_032373crosser-0.15crosser-0.15Attempt for XP-compatible buildLink
6S2_532400msys1-Build to test already implemented 2.5.4 fixesLink
7S2_632420crosser-1.0-Regular crosser build from S2_6 win32 / win64
4S2_632414msys1WinXP compatible buildWhile minimum requirement for official builds from S2_6 is Vista, this is to test if we can make completely separate builds for XPLink
5,9S2_632464msys1-For testing that changes made for msys2 compatibility have not broken default msys1 buildsLink
14S2_632464msys1WinXP compatible buildFor testing that changes made for msys2 compatibility have not broken default msys1 buildsLink
15S2_532559msys1-For testing further fixes targeted to 2.5.4 releaseLink

Msys2 environments

Development of next version in progress.

Windows-specific developments

All of these are somewhat tied to each other, but different combinations exist. For example win64 builds are possible only under msys2.
Marko Lindqvist