Antigrav Port

Allows one unit airlift from and to city, increased to three once tech Low-Level Orbit is known.

Requires Commercial Antigravity technology.


Increases city science output by 75%.

Requires Data Storage technology.

Basic Infrastructure

Basic Infrastructure to the city. This improvement has no maintenance, and cannot be sabotaged by enemy Stealth Spy. Without this improvement city cannot grow bigger than size 2.

First city gets this for free. This building has no technology requirements; it can be built from the start of the game.

Central Mine

City center tile produces three extra shields.

Requires Mining technology. City center must be on Land tile.

Cyberpart Factory

Increases the tax output in a city by 75%.

Requires Cybermodules technology.


Factory produces spare parts for two units removing their production upkeep.

Requires Manufacturing technology.


Filter System gets 1 extra food and 1 extra production from each oceanic tile.

Requires High-Tech Filtering technology. City center must be on, or adjacent to, oceanic tile.

Force Walls

Force Walls doubles city defense against all kind of attacks. Bonus is increased to 150% when Strong Force technology is known.

Requires City Defense technology.


Headquarters building marks city it is as your capital. City with headquarters is also safe from enemy's incite revolt attacks.

Small wonder. First city gets this for free. This building has no technology requirements; it can be built from the start of the game.


Damaged units which stay in city without moving, heal 50% of their hitpoints \ each turn.

Requires Regeneration technology.

Information Distillery

Improved information gathering. Only 2 other civilizations needs to know given technology before we gain access to it.

Small wonder. Requires Global Knowledge technology.

Mood Center

Makes 3 unhappy citizens content.

Requires Mood Manipulation technology.

Training Facility

All new units are build as Elite ones.

Requires Virtual Reality Training technology.


City workers can travel further from city center to work and goods can be transported from further away to city center. Makes city area 8 tiles bigger.

Requires Travel technology.

Radar Tower

City with Radar Tower sees much further than one without.

Requires Deneb Radar technology.

Radiation Resistor

Radiation Resistor increases max city size by 3.

Requires Radiation Resistance technology.

Research Nest

Increases the science production of a city by 100%.

Requires Brain Development technology.

Secret Police

Secret Police is good at leading army. Makes martial law possible. Each military unit in city makes one unhappy citizen content, to the maximum of 2.

Requires Brute Force technology.


Radiation is weaker miles high. Top levels of really tall buildings can safely house more people.

Increases max city size by 5.

Requires Gravity Manipulation technology.

Virtual Reality Theatre

Makes two unhappy citizens content.

Requires Virtual Reality technology.

Space Component

Spaceship part. Requires Escape technology.

Space Module

Spaceship part. Requires Escape technology.

Space Structural

Spaceship part. Requires Escape technology.